What your neighbors say about Steve:
 “I have trusted Steve in the 20 + years I’ve known him from a business side and personally. His word to me is stronger and more abiding than any written contract could ever mean.” — Morgan Moseley

“I've known Steve for a number of years and have had the opportunity to discuss ways to make Batavia an even better place to live and do business. Steve will make a tremendous alderman by bringing solid ideas and fresh perspective to the city council.” — Rob Hollis

“Steve is smart, articulate, and creative. He designed the beautiful Depot Bandshell. He has a fresh new vision for our town and will work hard for the City of Batavia.” — Betsy Zinser

“Vasilion is open to new ideas, has many great ideas of his own, is conscientious, articulate and forthcoming; he is a collaborator who will advance Batavia's future and not permit it to continue
to languish.” — Stephen Foust

“Steve Vasilion is a wonderful friend and neighbor. He will go out of his way to help people, and he truly cares about Batavia.” — Jenny Scott

“Our daughter Allison participated in Steve Vasilion’s architecture internship program. We very much appreciate the time and effort that Steve put into working with our daughter. The program is a wonderful gift to local students and ultimately to the community as a whole!” —John and Ann Myers

“Steve's voice will champion our historic downtown; Steve’s vision will shape new ways to bring it to life.” — Steve Ferrell

"Steve's passion and commitment during the campaign, along with his ability to pool resources and people, speaks to me of the kind of alderman he would be; a great one. And as a friend, I know his heart is in everything he does." — Jan Hofmeister

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