Compare candidates on key issues

Issue: Prairie State Energy Campus and Utility Costs

Steve Vasilion*: Believes the City must do more to educate ratepayers about the consequences of this 30-year, $246 million obligation.
Eldon Frydenall*: Led the City into this obligation in a coal-powered electrical plant in southern Illinois and still thinks it is a great investment for Batavia

Issue: The City’s role in downtown development

Vasilion: Believes the City must improve its review process and work with the business community to foster economic activity.
Frydenall: Says there is no need for reform and that now is “not a good time for change.”

Issue: The City’s role in supporting the fine arts community

: Believes the City should make infrastructure improvements to the Water Street Studio area and promote the arts.
Frydenall: Has offered no comments about this issue.

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