Do you live in the fifth ward?

The approximate boundaries of the fifth ward are:
On the west side of the river:
North: To approximately Waubansee Trail / Timber Trail
West: The boundary jogs amongst Republic, Van Nortwyck, Mallory, and S. Harrison Streets
South: To Walnut Street then jogs a little further south to include Stone Manor Circle
On the east side of the river:
: To Wilson Street
East: The boundary jogs among S. College, Forest, and Hart Road
: to Manchester Avenue, then angles to include the western side of S. River until it intersects the Prairie Path.
Complete ward maps:

Click here for Batavia's Fifth Ward map.


  1. What is your political affiliation? Are you registered Republican or Democrat or Independent?

  2. Batavia's municipal elections are non-partisan. Every candidate registers and runs as an independent.

  3. opinion on the Arch for Batavia?

  4. Hi Gigi. Steve has posted on this issue previously.