Tuesday, April 9, 2013


You, the voters, have clearly made your opinions and wants known to anyone who would listen:

1. Be better stewards of our city finances (the arch is wasteful).

2. Listen to our opinions. Don't tell us it's too late to correct what is wrong and to do what is right.

3. Set clear policies that will support new and existing downtown businesses.

4. Work cooperatively to keep Walgreens in our downtown.

5. Support our arts community. It is an important part of our identity and our future.

6. We demand greater transparency: make it easier for us to know what is going on.

I have heard you, loudly and clearly.  I need your vote today.

Thank you,

Friday, April 5, 2013


We are entering the final weekend of this campaign. It’s been an exciting and satisfying experience. I have met young first-time voters, seasoned citizens, and life-long residents who have participated in dozens of elections. Both young and old have the same concerns:

1. The city government doesn’t listen to us.  When we show up and speak at meetings we are criticized, told that discussions were held years ago and we should have participated then. It always seems “too late” to make changes to satisfy our requests.

2. The city is spending our tax dollars in the wrong areas. The River Street arch is the prime example. I’ve meet hundreds of voters and I’ve heard nothing but opposition to this structure. Objections included both the garish design and its $117,000 price tag.

3. What coal plant obligation? Many citizens still know little about this 30 year, $246 million commitment. They ask, if our electrical rates are supposed to be going down, why are their bills going up? It frightens them to know that we may not see a profitable return on this project until 2024 or later. If ever.

4. They say they want Walgreens to stay in town. They say there needs to be give-and-take on both sides, but want to see the process move more quickly. The want the city’s commitment to work efficiently and cooperatively with both Walgreens and the property owner.

5. Lastly, they say they want change. They want new ideas, new voices, and new energy.

I pledge to support each of these concerns. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Please vote for me on April 9th.


Candidate for 5th Ward Alderman